Modesty Blaise books

Modesty Blaise books

Below is a summary of Modesty Blaise books and Danish publications of these. Below the list you can see an overview of books writen ABOUT Modesty Blaise.

Original English title
Danish title

Modesty Blaise (1965) Buy it at Note 1)
Modesty Blaise
Sabre Tooth (1966) Buy it at
Operation Sabelkat
I, Lucifer (1967) Buy it at
Kontaktpunkt Delfin
A Taste for Death (1969) Buy it at
The Impossible Virgin (1971) Buy it at
Den standhaftige jomfru
Pieces of Modesty (6 short stories) (1972) Buy it at
En God Dag at Dø (A Better Day to Die) - Agent X9 (#177) (1995) Agent X9 (#177)
Højt at flyve (The Giggle-Wrecker) - Agent X9 (#182) (1996) Agent X9 (#182)
(I Had a Date with Lady Janet)
(A Perfect Night to Break Your Neck)
(Salamander Four)
(The Soo Girl Charity)
The Silver Mistress (1973) Buy it at
Last Day in Limbo (1976) Buy it at
Dragon's Claw (1978) Buy it at
The Xanadu Talisman (1981) Buy it at
The Night of Morning Star (1983) Buy it at
Dead Mans Handle (1985) Buy it at
Cobra Trap (1996) Buy it at

Note 1) Also published as a comic book in 1994.

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Books about Modesty Blaise

The Modesty Blaise Companion

417 pages. English. Written by Lawrence Blackmore og published by Book Palace Books in 2005. Reviews the people behind Modesty Blaise and the characters and plots of both the comic strips and the books. The book is only published in 426 copies.

Modesty Blaise Companion - Front
Modesty Blaise Companion - Back

Stora boken om Modesty Blaise

159 pages. Swedish. Written by Peder & Chatrin Mauritzon and published by Seriefrämjandet in 2003. A tribute book about Modesty and Willie. Informations on the people behind Modesty Blaise, and about the charaters in both comis strips and books. Contains a overview of Swedish publications of Modesty Blaise.

Stora boken